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Monday, April 30, 2007

Haier America Prepares to launch the Sterling, an i phone killer

The Haier Sterling, due to be released late June 2007 is an absolutely gorgeous mirror finish super compact GSM unlocked phone, not much larger than the wildly popular Haier Elegance micro mobile phone shipping since last October.

Units start shipping July 07 and Haier is seeking dealers and distributors worldwide. Retail consumers can pre-order the STERLING now for only $299.95 to secure their position as the first to get their hands on this beautiful, technical marvel. Visit or to purchase right now, as the first 1000 will surely fly!

This beauty is even more feature packed than its little brother, the Elegance, featuring a large colorful 2.5" LCD display, a 1.3Megapixel camera with still and video mode, WAP feature set, web browser and full webmail access, plus an Mp3 player with what appears to be an Mp4 video player as well and Bluetooth stereo thrown in for good measure too!!! Its all in a package about 3.8" long x less than 1.6" wide and only .57" thick!

Some spy shots here of a very scratched pre production unit and below, sorry for poor lighting!

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